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Viva 155! RIP Democracy

While the Catalans still say sorry for existing, the Spanish never say sorry for anything and, if Albert Rivera’s España Ciudadana gets its way, never will. Why should they? Pablo Iglesias blamed the Catalan secessionists for awakening the Spanish nationalist beast and now Quim Torra is to blame for Article 155 not being lifted. As ever it is the Catalans own damn fault.

Inés Arrimadas isn’t nice. Albert Rivera’s worse.

Ciudadanos are social and political pyromaniacs, unable to stop pouring petrol on the fire, as they see it burning a way to power. The legal abuse of Catalonia and the Catalans by the Spanish State since last summer has been dependent on the complicity and false testimony of Ciutadans. How else could a Catalan dream of governing Spain?

Spain clamors for freedom and justice

The Spanish government is like a rabid dog that needs putting down, that should have been put down long ago. But there is no one to do it as it has all the power, and so it will keep on biting. Today begins a new round of hearings for those accused of rebellion and secession and the trial of the Altsasu 8.