Cs send kids hatemail in election mailshot

Today my UNDERAGE daughter told me she’d received an email from @CiudadanosCs asking for her vote in the 21-D elections.

Because we all know what happens in Catalonia, don’t we @InesArrimadas ? That some idiots get the email of a child and send her hatemail pic.twitter.com/bHq9JBVxaT


That you take her account for school and friends and tell her that TV3 and RAC1 lie. That her mother is ‘dividing’ society and harming the economy. Let’s see what the @mossos and the Data Protection Agency of @gencat think of that

That you are total imbeciles who don’t know how to live in a democracy or accept the election results. And don’t give me that ‘respect the law’ bull, you really are living in the Matrix aren’t you?

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