The Guardian showcases Spanish far-right

Stephen’s been at it again. Here is his latest piece trivializing events in Catalonia, which appeared the day before yesterday’s constitution of the Board of the Parliament of Catalonia.

Fictional region aiming to leave Catalonia appoints president

Tabarnia movement parodies Catalan independence demands and has grown increasingly popular on social media The fraught business of installing a new Catalan government begins on Wednesday but in the meantime Tabarnia, a fictitious but increasingly popular region that wants independence from Catalonia, has sworn in an actor and theatre producer as its first president.

He published his previous piece just after the election on 21 December, when pro-independence parties once again gained an overall majority in the Catalan parliament: Catalonia’s hopes for peace stall as further wave of arrests feared. It is his only article to date to make more than just a passing reference to the flagrant breaches of human rights being suffered here since the summer.

His latest offering, though, is the culmination of a three-week campaign to discredit pro-independence forces which also began the day after the election on 21 December. In the intervening period Burgen has retweeted daily, and mainly, on the ‘Tabarnia’ trolling campaign, basically a catalanophobic parody which insults everyone in Catalonia who is not a Spanish nationalist or unionist, stereotyping them as ignorant rubes from what they term ‘Tractorland’.

He has also followed the predetermined Spanish media line during this concerted campaign. Compare the focus of The Guardian piece yesterday on the constitution of the Board of the Parliament of Catalonia and that of Antenna 3 ‘Espejo Público’ fronted by Catalan catalanophobe, Susanna Grisó:

In his latest Guardian contribution he describes features the creator of the parody, and describes it all as ‘good humoured’. Most would disagree.

The man depicted in the Burgen piece in the Guardian, Jaume Vives Vives, is an ultra Catholic who believes that Islam and ‘gender ideology’ are evil. In this tweet he postulates that they are ‘Satan’s main instrument’ in the world today.


Here he is again on his rounds of the Spanish media being challenged on the parody’s use of spurious stats:

The Guardian, via Burgen, Jones, Preston, and a few editorials previously discussed, has consistently failed to report on Spain with any seriousness. Burgen is a coward, who fails to declare his affinities and interests. At least Owen Jones attended an En-Comú Podem rally as a supporter. Burgen attended a Ciudadanos rally as a reporter and produced a puff-piece on their leader in Catalonia, Inés Arrimadas. En-Comú Podem were the only other political force focused on during the election campaign; pro-independence parties were ignored.

For an international media organisation with the reputation of The Guardian to give credence to a right-wing trolling campaign while failing to report the real news is shocking. They are making light of an anti-democratic repression of human rights.

Oh, and while we are on the topic of the Guardian, what do you think of the redesign? Coincidentally ugly, I’d call it. The Guardian now looks, and sounds, like ultra catholic Spanish nationalist rag, La Gaceta. Look at their icons, side by side in the tabs of your browser. See?

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