The serious Spanish press: ‘fat’, ‘filthy’, ‘sweaty’, ‘flabby’, ‘gross’, just some of the abuse that Anna Gabriel has to put up with from Spain’s right-wing media every day

CUP ex-MP, Anna Gabriel, has stayed on in Switzerland. This Wednesday she decided not to appear before the Supreme Court, on charges of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds, as her defence counsel had announced. Gabriel has already stated that she will seek political asylum if Spain requests extradition. Back in the news, she has once again been subject to the regulation sexist and classist insults and personal attacks from the Spanish right.

‘Fat’, ‘filthy’, ‘sweaty’, ‘flabby’, ‘stinking’, ‘gross’, ‘ugly’, ‘homely’ are just some of the insulting comments made about her physical appearance and image, little to do with political criticism. The hatred so common from anonymous users on social networks is also present in mainstream newspapers and radio stations, in the eyes and ears of all, and not censured by the Spanish government, its ministers or the APM (Asociación de la Prensa de Madrid – Madrid Press Association).

This Wednesday, one of the latest to join the usual chorus of personal attacks against Anna Gabriel was journalist Carlos Herrera on the COPE, (Cadena de Ondas Populares Españolas – People’s Radiowaves of Spain Network), the voice of the bishops (Conferencia Episcopal Española -Spanish Episcopal Conference). In his editorial, he says that Anna Gabriel has “shorn her provincial locks, her mutant fringe” and “put on some deodorant.” Then he goes on: “The same as Anna Gabriel has done in Switzerland: leave the ugliness behind, put on some deodorant and a little Chanel dress. She’s so posh she looks like Rita Maestre now. But, in truth, although the she-monkey may be dressed in silk, she remains a monkey.” (You can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.)

So says Carlos Herrera of Anna Gabriel. Remember that he is one of the journalists to get the most millions of euros out of the profession, and don’t forget that until very recently, he was milking RTVE

Carlos Herrera on Anna Gabriel: “she has left the ugliness behind and put on some deodorant”
This is pure #sexism

Herrera was already quite unrestrained quite often on Onda Cero but since moving to the COPE he’s really cut loose

Herrera’s outbursts are just the latest examples. Two days ago, Alfonso Ussía published an article in La Razón entitled “Switzerland” that was full of personal attacks on Anna Gabriel.

In Francisco Marhuenda’s paper, he wrote that she “is fat, flabby” and “plain-looking”. Not content with this, he added: “The problem with Anna Gabriel is not money, which I welcome, but the spots that appear on her skin caused by too much chocolate.”

Alfonso Rojo was quick to jump on the bandwagon. The talk show guest – until recently on public television and whom the new director of Los Desayunos de TVE (TVE Breakfast TV), Sergio Martin, described as an “excellent journalist” – was one of the most eager to insult her. Last Sunday, he published a tweet in which he called for “a whipround to pay for shampoo and a hairdresser for that woman from the CUP”.

The newspaper directed by Rojo, Periodista Digital, is a haven for abuse directed at Anna Gabriel: ‘gross’, ‘stinking’, ‘Rexona girl’… There is hardly an article on the ex-MP that does not contain a personal attack or an insult. In this pseudo-newspaper, we find news and opinion article headlines such as : “The shocking reception of a Venezuelan journalist for the ‘bitch’ Anna Gabriel”; “Sweaty Anna Gabriel ‘does a Puigdemont’, flees from justice and announces that she’s staying in Switzerland”; “Sweaty Anna Gabriel has had to put on deodorant.”

One of the first to open the floodgates was presenter, Eduardo Garcia Serrano, who said that “whore in need of a good fucking” was the best description of Anna Gabriel, in a video in which he said that the then CUP MP “hid the body that Mother Nature had punished her with in propaganda rags” in reference to Gabriel’s wearing of T-shirts with a political message.

In September of 2017 a piece of graffiti appeared in the Universitat de València containing crosshairs and the words, “I shoot Ana Gabriel”. “This is fascism. Let’s see if the Prosecutor’s Office acts,” complained Jordi Évole.

Translation of “Gorda”, “guarra”, “sudorosa”, “fofa”, “mugrienta”: estas son las barbaridades que debe soportar a diario Anna Gabriel de los medios de la derecha by Christian González, Público, 21/02/2018

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