Valtonyc on freedom of expression in Spain

Rapper Valtonyc, sentenced to three and a half years in prison for glorification of terrorism and insults to the Crown, speaking in front of Lleida Museum, which is showing Santiago Serra’s work, Political Prisoners in Contemporary Spain, from 7 March-22 April. (CC English)

For me, this as a struggle for a fundamental right for everybody, committing the offences again, publishing, encouraging people to share our music, our things, to show that we are not afraid. As well as losing respect for the regime, we aren’t frightened of them anymore. The problem is there was no purge of Francoism and the judges now are the same judges as there were for public order offences, so we’re saying that they form part of Franco’s fascist state. I don’t believe it is a problem of government, but a problem of not cleansing the institutions and the judiciary.

Josep Miquel Arenas Beltran, Valtonyc

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