Hate speech: article 510 of the Spanish penal code

Catalans have always had to endure hate speech from Spanish nationalists. It’s rarely pursued by the courts, and even more rarely prosecuted. On the other hand, have a photo taken in a red nose next to a policeman, try to hold a class discussion about the referendum, criticise the king or reference terrorism in a song, make a clever pun in a puppet show, refuse to fix a policeman’s car, write an article criticising Spanish nationalist violence or defend yourself against a fascist assault, and likely as not you’ll end up in court on hate crime charges. The situation imposed by the Spanish government in Catalonia is legally aberrant.

Article 510 of the Spanish penal code:

1. Those who provoke discrimination, hate or violence against groups or associations due to racist, anti-Semitic reasons or any other related to ideology, religion or belief, family situation, belonging to an ethnic group or race, national origin, gender, sexual preference, illness or handicap, shall be punished with a sentence of imprisonment from one to three years and a fine from six to twelve months.

2. Those who, with knowledge of its falseness or reckless disregard for the truth, were to distribute defamatory information on groups or associations in relation to their ideology, religion or belief, belonging an ethnic group or race, national origin, gender sex, sexual preference, illness or handicap shall be punished with the same penalty.

It will be interesting to see what happens to this man. His hate-filled fascist, racist, sexist, homophobic rant is subtitled in English.

Good morning, independentist ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to wish you a happy stay in Spanish prisons. They treat you fucking brilliantly in Spanish prisons. We hope you are there as long as Lt. Col. Tejero, who never abandoned his Civil Guard in the parliament, not like you Mr. Puigdemont, you queer sewer rat bastard, who fled leaving your men abandoned here. You are a piece of shit, a parasite. I hope the Civil Guard put you in a cage and transport you to the centre of Madrid in the back of a van for 16 hours. And I hope that the prisoners there fuck you in the ass non-stop, raped and left pregnant by one of those bastard Moors you defend so much. Good day, Spaniards! Long live Spain! Long live Franco!

What a surprise! Here is the fascist polyphobe legionnaire, the ‘Catalan businessman’, with Xavier ‘Cleansing Badalona’ García Albiol, the Partido Popular leader in Catalonia.


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