The Tentacles of Spain’s Ministry of the Interior

The Tentacles of Interior (Spanish)


Translation of blurb for EiTB’s Los Tentáculos del Estado

How far does the power of the Spanish state go? The Altsasu case is just the latest example of how ready politicians and media are to justify a disproportionate judicial sentence. Did the Civil Guard, as the affected party, use all means at its disposal to achieve an exemplary punishment for the accused? Was the police version of events custom-built? The story ‘The Tentacles of Interior’ from ‘360º’ EiTB focuses on these issues.

The team, led by Eider Hurtado, travels to Madrid to interview Fernando Lázaro, journalist at newspaper El Mundo and author of several articles on Altsasu, makes the case for the Civil Guard’s version. But, in addition, the ‘360º’ investigation puts new evidence on the table, evidence which was inadmissible in the trial and proves the political campaign against the young people sentenced.

Jaime Mayor Oreja was Minister of the Interior during José María Aznar’s presidency. He recognizes that he used all the power at his disposal to influence the political situation of the moment. But who really runs the Ministry of the Interior? Are certain sections of the Civil Guard beyond its control?

The ‘dirty war’ carried out by the State became apparent at the time of GAL, Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberación (Antiterrorist Liberation Groups). Journalist Fernando López Agudín worked as head of the Information in the Ministry of Justice and the Interior in Felipe González’ government. He recognizes the difficulties the Ministry has, incapable as they are of controlling all police operations and under constant pressure from the Moncloa.

If we also look at the Catalan ‘Process’, it is clear that the shadows cast over the Ministry of the Interior continue to this day. Are they applying the Basque template to Catalonia? The team travelled to Barcelona to see if the ‘Political Brigades’ are still active.

They were also received by Mediapro President, Jaume Roures, who uncovered a parallel structure within the Ministry of the Interior in the documentary, The State’s Secret Cesspit. Following its broadcast, Roures was accused in Civil Guard reports.

In addition, the programme speaks to Jordi Pina, lawyer of former ANC president, Jordi Sànchez, about police and media interference. Do they pave the way for police operations and judicial proceedings?

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