The moderate

Translation of El Moderat by Jordi Galves that appeared in El Nacional on Saturday, July 21, 2018


The Moderate by Jordi Galves

One of the most aberrant human groups is comprised of politicians who believe their own lies despite all evidence to the contrary. When a representative of society’s most privileged club dares, as happened yesterday, to turn a simple farewell speech into an exercise in oblivion, in cynicism and moral turpitude, in arrogance and opportunism, in classism and paternalism, faith in humanity falters, even disappears entirely. How is it possible that, for decades, a being so wicked, so arrogant, so wretched and dark and, above all, so dishonest, could occupy positions of such importance in the apparatus of the Spanish State and even reach the presidency of the government? Perhaps it was precisely for that reason. And how is it possible that a person so indifferent to others, without self-criticism or morality, could illegitimately appropriate the language and presume to give a lesson in good morals and even better government? We have been in the hands of an individual ravaged by the most reckless fantasy, with serious personality disorders, in the hands of a selfish, authoritarian and shameless monster. Of a being who feels proud and happy with repression and political persecution, of the indifference to reality. We have been in the hands of a politician who has been a much greater enemy of Catalonia, much more radical and vengeful, than José María Aznar, but who always wanted to present a moderate and impervious personality. What we had to hear yesterday during the Partido Popular conference is as alarming as a criminal fantasy. Like one of those deluded individuals who leave the whole neighbourhood astounded when they are arrested by the police.

Yesterday, there was not a single word about the gargantuan corruption that abruptly interrupted the presidency of this person I cannot name. Nor about the dead left along the money trail. “Be strong” he told his treasurer whom he later stopped calling “Luis”. No mention or acknowledgement of anything other than himself. Accusations of illegitimacy against Pedro Sánchez’ Government followed. Not a single idea of his own, just repetition of sick clichés and empty mawkish phrases with which the former President of the Government of Spain moved his own emotions, admired himself infinitely, imagined himself as what he is not, completely involved with himself, loving himself in a lavish exercise of public masturbation. He also felt infinite self-pity for having to leave the presidency of the government through a motion of no confidence due to corruption and the failure of his policy of persecution and punishment of the Catalan independence movement. The words, like hammer blows, are always the same, as he raises a finger, with these words he invents an alternative, more presentable public persona for himself. He repeats the cliché of “the lands and people of Spain”, mentions solemnly “The honour of belonging to the PP. And great pride”. “Pride”, “certainty”, “nobility”, “love for Spain”, “Spain, our reason for being”, “the battle for freedom”. He also serves up humanist delusions: “I’ve brought electricity and the telephone to the most remote villages in Galicia.” And cognitive delusions: “I know what Spain is”. Or delusions that merely seek to deny reality: “The recent history of Spain is a history of success thanks to the great quality of Spanish democracy”.

Nevertheless, it is important to highlight a categorical truth that sums up his political legacy. When yesterday he demanded the protection of “the Catalans who don’t jump through the independence hoop”, it is only the Spanish Catalans that interest him. The others do not exist. We are people who it is unnecessary to make any reference to.

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