Judge who uncovered corruption in the Spanish judiciary reports assault

Translation of El juez que destapa la corrupción de la Justicia en España denuncia una agresión by José Antonio Gómez published in Diario16 on 25 October, 2018

Judge Fernando Presencia, the man behind a series of cases against senior officials in the Spanish judicial system, today reported suffering an assault by one of the lawyers of Ángel Demetrio de la Cruz Andrade, the current Senior Public Prosecutor in Talavera, whom the judge has summonsed for alleged corruption

Fernando Presencia, the judge relentlessly pursuing corruption in the Spanish justice system, and who has already prosecuted several of its members, was attacked this morning by one of the attorneys of Ángel Demetrio de la Cruz Andrade, Senior Public Prosecutor in Talavera, according to the complaint filed by the judge with the National Police, to which Diario16 has had access.

Presencia was exercising in the vicinity of Castilla la Mancha Bridge in Talavera de la Reina when he passed a person sitting on a bench taking pictures. According to the police report, Presencia recognized the individual – it was Francisco Javier González de Rivera, one of the Talavera prosecutor’s lawyers.

However, he was not the only person present with links to those under investigation by Presencia as “on the other side of the road was a vehicle with registration plate […] belonging to and driven by Ángel Demetrio de la Cruz Andrade, with fellow lawyer, Victoriano de la Cruz del Valle, in the back seat. When Presencia realised that they were taking pictures of him, he stopped, “at which point Francisco Javier confronted him and called him ‘a delinquent’, to which [Presencia] replied that he was committing an offence against the administration of justice and that he was going to call the police”.

The judge took out his cell phone, at which moment, the lawyer rushed him and “with a punch caused him to drop his phone on the ground, which Francisco Javier then tried to tread on, and a struggle ensued to recover the mobile phone”. When Presencia managed to get the alleged assailant off him, the latter ran to the car.

It was then that Presencia decided to ask for assistance and tried to stop an ambulance, which was unable to stop as it had its siren on and was taking a patient to hospital. The judge then approached the vehicle González de Rivera had got into and took three photographs which have been made available to the National Police. When he reached the vehicle “he was able to identify the driver and passengers”.

Finally, Fernando Presencia called 091, but when the police arrived at the scene “his attacker’s car had already left in the direction of the Navalmorales Road”. This incident occurred the day before Judge Presencia and Angel Demetrio de la Cruz Andrade were due to meet in court and shows how complainants are completely unprotected against possible reprisals by the accused.

There are corrupt elements in the State apparatus that don’t care what people think. The problem arises when people inside the administration see what is happening and, because of their ethics or their love of what these institutions mean for the people, they decide to fight corruption. Are the corrupt punished? In Spain, total destruction is unleashed against those who dare to report what is happening before the appropriate authorities. Judge Presencia is one of those. Unfortunately, there are many who daily suffer such reprisals – such mafia tactics – and they have no protection.

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