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1 October: then and now

It is the revolution paid for out of the people’s own pockets and with the people’s own time, all of it made possible by volunteers. I will never tire of telling the story of 1 October, 2017. It’s a story that has changed lives.

Europe must act

A team of renowned international jurists has determined that the actions of the Spanish government against the Catalan independence movement are illegal.

Amnesty International Annual Report 2017/18: Spain

‘Over the past year, leaders have pushed hate, fought against rights, ignored crimes against humanity, and blithely let inequality and suffering spin out of control. This provoked mass protests, showing that while our challenges may never be greater, the will to fight back is just as strong.’

Operation Catalonia: Spain’s assault on democracy

The recolonisation of Catalonia involves the persecution of an ideology and the suppression of a people and culture, all in Europe in 2018. In Catalonia, Spain’s dirty secret wars against its own population have morphed into an open assault on democracy, on an ideology and on an identity.