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Amnesty International Annual Report 2017/18: Spain

‘Over the past year, leaders have pushed hate, fought against rights, ignored crimes against humanity, and blithely let inequality and suffering spin out of control. This provoked mass protests, showing that while our challenges may never be greater, the will to fight back is just as strong.’

Operation Catalonia: Spain’s assault on democracy

The recolonisation of Catalonia involves the persecution of an ideology and the suppression of a people and culture, all in Europe in 2018. In Catalonia, Spain’s dirty secret wars against its own population have morphed into an open assault on democracy, on an ideology and on an identity.

Atonement: Spain’s problem with the past

Albert Rivera might one day become the first Catalan president of Spain. As a Catalan, to pull it off he will have to repress Catalan nationalism more than any fellow Spanish nationalist. According to the latest polls, Rivera is doing well, and the media at home and abroad have generally swallowed the liberal centrist pitch.

Four months of fake news: Spanish style

The Spanish government and media want us to believe that fake news bankrolled from abroad, especially Russia, interfered in the Catalan election and at the same time would like us to ignore the massively expensive homegrown production of alternative facts, fake news, post truth, hysterical exaggeration and racist demonisation. You know: lies. Trump-style, they assert that any critical voice or opinion diverging from the Spanish government line are ‘fake news’.

“There is no rebellion; Maza is using his imagination”

Talk has turned once more to the precise wording of the rebellion and sedition laws in Spain. Their application in the cases of jailed and exiled Catalan civil and political leaders is a stretch at best. Nowhere is this clearer than in this interview with Diego López Garrido, editor of the wording of the crime of rebellion.

No Christmas in Catalonia

Natural disasters, pandemics and bloody civil wars rarely get coverage like this. The clear non-unionist majority in Catalonia is not an irrelevant minority living in ‘Tractorland’. Determined to continue the punishment for Catalonia, the orange media pretends Catalonia does not exist and invents an alternative version. An orange version.