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Beautiful trouble

The people are ready and waiting, for civil disobedience and direct action, for beautiful trouble, and have been for over a year now

Spain clamors for freedom and justice

The Spanish government is like a rabid dog that needs putting down, that should have been put down long ago. But there is no one to do it as it has all the power, and so it will keep on biting. Today begins a new round of hearings for those accused of rebellion and secession and the trial of the Altsasu 8.

Guillem Agulló: 25 years of anti-fascist struggle

Last Wednesday, 11 April, was the 25th anniversary of the murder of young Guillem Agulló. The crime was key in uniting much of the Valencian left against fascism. The trial, however, reflected the impunity afforded to the far-right in the Community of Valencia. Nothing has changed, as we saw in the violent attacks of last October 9.