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Beautiful trouble

The people are ready and waiting, for civil disobedience and direct action, for beautiful trouble, and have been for over a year now

1 October: then and now

It is the revolution paid for out of the people’s own pockets and with the people’s own time, all of it made possible by volunteers. I will never tire of telling the story of 1 October, 2017. It’s a story that has changed lives.

Catalan civil society

It’s reaction, negation and destruction versus non-violent action, construction, creation and association. I know whose side I’m on, and its logo doesn’t look like a patriotic turd.

‘Mossos’ wreak havoc

Catalans are not allowed to express anger, not allowed to react. No matter how hard you beat them, no matter how much they suffer, every Catalan is expected to put Ghandi to shame. These standards aren’t applied to other peoples.