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Spain’s dangerous game

The response to this outrageous abuse of judicial power and the general inertia that has gripped Catalan politicians could be massive. It could be that all-illusive 1 October moment that was wasted by Catalan leaders a year ago. It will not be violent.

Beautiful trouble

The people are ready and waiting, for civil disobedience and direct action, for beautiful trouble, and have been for over a year now

1 October: then and now

It is the revolution paid for out of the people’s own pockets and with the people’s own time, all of it made possible by volunteers. I will never tire of telling the story of 1 October, 2017. It’s a story that has changed lives.

Four months of fake news: Spanish style

The Spanish government and media want us to believe that fake news bankrolled from abroad, especially Russia, interfered in the Catalan election and at the same time would like us to ignore the massively expensive homegrown production of alternative facts, fake news, post truth, hysterical exaggeration and racist demonisation. You know: lies. Trump-style, they assert that any critical voice or opinion diverging from the Spanish government line are ‘fake news’.