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The judicial “Go get ’em” – Spanish judges in their forums

Independentism and its leaders are involved in a “coup”, they are “Nazis”, a “virus”, a “germ”. People who are mobilising in Catalonia act like “idiots”, they are “criminals”, “violent” or “extremists” to whom the “Penal Code must be applied” because they have leaders who are “sons of bitches” or “like rapists”

The unstoppables

This blog is in love with this part of the world, admires what its people have achieved against all the odds, and believes that one day a better life will be built for EVERYONE living here. Who can blame so very many people in Catalonia for wanting rid of the yoke, and the arrows? In the words of Mariano Rajoy, ‘Catalans do things’. I know what he means, even if he doesn’t.
This blog is written by a migrant, not an expat.

“There is no rebellion; Maza is using his imagination”

Talk has turned once more to the precise wording of the rebellion and sedition laws in Spain. Their application in the cases of jailed and exiled Catalan civil and political leaders is a stretch at best. Nowhere is this clearer than in this interview with Diego López Garrido, editor of the wording of the crime of rebellion.